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Phineas and Ferb: The Tickle Machine

Requested by: Bondomunk:

It is the normal day of Phineas and Ferb. Phineas and Ferb are sitting under the big tree in their backyard. Ferb was on his laptop, and he was looking through some plans they haven't done yet. They gotten to a plan for a tickle machine, Phineas then Said "A Tickle machine. you know we have that plan for an entire year, but never made it. You know we have no use with that, we should just deleted it. Ferb replied "O.K.", when Ferb was about to delete the plan, Isabella walked in saying her normal catchphrase "Watcha Doing". Phineas then said "O me and Ferb were looking through some plans, what are you doing?". Isabella then said, "Well I have been thinking of some patches I will like to get and then I remembered "The tickle patch". Phineas then said "Tickle patch" what is that. Isabella then said, "If I can stay being tickled in my most ticklish places for a whole hour, I get the patch". Phineas then say "You know Ferb, we might have use of that tickle machine after all, we will get to work on it right away"! Isabella then said "Great I can't wait till you guys are finish".

A hour later, Phineas and Ferb have finish he tickle machine. Phineas then said "Here are a pair of stock, and the chair over their is pretty much the machine. All you got to do is sit in it". Isabella then went over and sit in the chair. After she sat 4 arms with hands and fingers pop out of the chair, 2 of them life up the stock, while the other 2 life her ankles and put them inside the stocks. The first 2 hands then put the stocks down, and locked them, and then grabbed her arms and stretch them over her head. Isabella then said "Um, so what is this going to do Phineas"? Phineas said "Well this machine will tickle you in your 3 most ticklish places, till we request it to stop, so are you ready Isabella?  Isabella said "Bring it on"! Phineas then told the machine to tickle Isabella.

Two extra arms pop out and use their fingers to Tickle Isabella. They got into her sleeves and tickle her armpit.Isabella then laughed pretty hard
"AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"! Phineas then said "Filling tickled Isabella". Isabella then said "Yeah, but this is way to easy", Phineas then say " Well this is only your 3rd most ticklish part of your body it goes to  the 2nd one in a matter or time, and then the 1st, whatever that is". The Machine then took out 2 more arms out, with an electric toothbrush and started using them to tickle her armpits. Isabella then had a bit of tears going down her face laughing real hard "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It is making me more tickled, but it is still a little to easy, AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Phineas then say while she is laughing, I promise you Isabella this thing will tickle you more, and make it more hard for you later"!

*15 Minutes later*

Phineas said "Alright Isabella, this machine will now tickle your 2nd most ticklish body part" 2 of the arms then lifted her shirt, just enough to show her stomach. 2 brand new arms then pop out and started to tickle her stomach with their fingers, which made Isabella really laugh hard "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, This is even worse, AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA!, But still too easy, AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Phineas then said "Well, you are sounding like it ain't easy, and yet you still have 45 minutes to go. after a couple minutes the 2 arms then went to rapid mode. The fingers tickled faster, finally making Isabella laugh into tears. Isabella Laughed hard, but still wasn't going to quit, and is trying to annoy the laughing tears in her eyes. Isabella then laughed "AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, This isn't enough to make me quit, but it tickles so bad AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", Phineas then say "O it will tickle your most ticklish body part any minute now.

*When Isabella got tickled for a total of 30 minutes*

The 2 arms put her shirt down. Phineas then said "Alright Isabella, the machine will now tickle your most ticklish body part". Isabella then say "O no, Please, don't let it be that, they are SOOO Sensitive". Phineas then said "I'm afraid, it is going to do that". The 2 hands that tickle her then took her shoes and socks off and started tickling her feet up and down. Isabella then laughed pretty hard " O GOSH, O MY GOSH AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TO MUCH, TO MUCH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Phineas then said " So are you giving up". Isabella then said "NO, NO WAY, not when I am so close for the patch, but AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I JUST CAN'T STAND MY FEET BEING TICKLED HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" The 2 arms then put out 2 feathers and started tickling between her toes. Isabella is now laughing so hard that it is actually starting to hurt her a bit " O MY GOSH, O MY GOSH, NO NOT MY TOES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT IS TOO MUCH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, BUT I AM NOT GIVING UP, I AM GOING TO GET THAT PATCH HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Phineas then say "Remember Isabella, you have something like a half-hour left.

*when Isabella got tickled for a total of 45 minutes*

The arms then stopped tickling her, then Isabella said "Wait I've only been tickled for 45 minutes, what happens now?" Phineas then replied, "Well now this is the hard part, because it will now tickle you in all 3 places at the same time" Isabella then said " O GOD, This won't be good for me" 8 arms then pop out, 2 of them lifting her shirt Just enough to show her stomach, 2 of them tickling her armpits, 2 of them tickling her stomach, and 2 of them tickling her feet, Each of them tickling her at a rapid pace" Isabella laugh so hard that she can almost be knocked out. Isabella laughed with Tears almost covering her eyes, "O MY GOD, O MY GOD, AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH OK THIS IS WAY WAY, WAY WAY WAY WAYYYYY TO MUCH AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". 4 extra arms then popped out all 4 with feathers, 2 of them tickling her armpit and the other 2 tickling her toes and the 2 hands on her stomach went to rapid mode, and this is how Isabella will be tickled for the last 10 minutes. Isabella then laughed harder then she ever did in her life, that you can hear her from 4 blocks away. Isabella was laughing tears that they roll down her cheeks at a rapid pace, but Isabella is doing all she can for that patch, Phineas did say "You only have like 10 minutes left Isabella".

*10 minutes later*

"Isabella nearly passed out, trying to catch her breath. Phineas then said "Isabella you did it, you won your tickle patch". Isabella then said "YES!,I admit you guys did made it tough". Phineas then said "Thanks glad we could help you". Isabella then grabbed her shoes and socks, and was walking home bare footed and said "I just hope I don't get tickled like that again, it was torture"! Phineas then say "Well we seem to finally got some work in this tickle machine after all, but I wonder what we are going to do with it now", Ferb then say "Maybe we should put it in our room, so we can do this to someone  else some other time", Phineas then say "You know what Ferb, you right. Both Phineas and Ferb both carried the stocks and the chair into their room, and before they leave the room Phineas said "We are going to use that again someday, I just know it"
I hope you guys like this, cause I typed a total of 1317 words into this! and I really thought I did amazing on this, but give me your honest opinion about this story
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Sue-Zan Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ehj3 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
You should make a story when they use the machine on Candace and before they use it on her they add tongues to lick her feet. Please do that!
malikwun8 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
well, I did loose interest in tickle storys, but I think it is because I never really got a quiet room to do them, however now that I have a quiet place to do them I might be doing them again
Ehj3 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
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